Woe - Withdrawal (CD) Woe - Withdrawal (CD)

Woe - Withdrawal (CD)

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US black metal


Track listing

  1. This Is the End of the Story
  2. Carried by Waves to Remorseless Shores of the Truth
  3. All Bridges Burned
  4. Ceaseless Jaws
  5. Song of My Undoing
  6. Exhausted
  7. Withdrawal


...on Withdrawal, one of the young year's most irrepressible and energized metal records, Woe plays with an urgency that suggests they have a chip on their collective shoulder and a point to prove. After Quietly, Undramatically, after all, Grigg recruited an almost entirely new lineup for Woe. Perhaps that's why this quartet plays with such tenacity and economy. It's hard to fire people doing their jobs this unabashedly well. - 4/5