Wolcensmen - Fire in the White Stone (Digipak CD)

Wolcensmen - Fire in the White Stone (Digipak CD)

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Following the success of the debut album Songs from the Fyrgen, WOLCENSMEN is back with the highly anticipated sophomore full-length, Fire in the White Stone. 11 brand new dark folk hymns of a mythological nature.

For this new offering, no effort was spared. The project's mastermind, Dan Capp (also of WINTERFYLLETH), forged a story, crossing traditional archetypes with his own philosophical explorations, and then set about composing a concept album using new and archived musical ideas. To fully realise his folk-tale, Dan then wrote a 12,000 word short-story - his first, to accompany the music and making this an elaborate, unique release.

Fire in the White Stone is a timeless tale of mystery and destiny, in the spirit of Tolkien, Wagner and the Grail mythos (influences which Dan wears plainly on his sleeve). A hapless young man breaks away from home and flees into the wild, forsaking companionship and comfort. He is subjected to a stream of extraordinary happenings, encountering among other things 1 mysterious old man, 2 unusual swans, 3 ghostly maidens and 4 dwarf-like beings. Against this otherworldly backdrop, WOLCENSMEN's music and lyrics convey the emotions and atmospheres of a multi-layered story.

In the pursuit of evocative, immersive atmosphere, John A. Rivers - known for his work with DEAD CAN DANCE - was hired to produce the album and did so with flare. Also featured are contributions from Jo Quail (cello), Aslak Tolonen of NEST (kantele) and Jake Rogers of VISIGOTH / GALLOWBRAID (flute), among several others. Furthermore, French master David Thiérrée was chosen to illustrate the story for the cover art.


Track listing

  1. Foreboden
  2. Gainsaying
  3. Lorn and Loath
  4. Hunted
  5. The Woodwose
  6. Of Thralls and Throes
  7. The Swans of Gar's Edge
  8. Maidens of the Rimeland
  9. Fellowship
  10. Sprig to Spear
  11. Fire in the White Stone


There is still the feel of the earlier material with maybe a touch of modernity but it still works as the evolution of Wolcensmen moves forward with another incredible and unique album. Great album. - 5/5