Wolfshade - The Epitaph of a Pagan Paradise (CD)

Wolfshade - The Epitaph of a Pagan Paradise (CD)

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From the hot and wet city of Serra, Brazil, it comes such occult and grim team of six pagan warriors. Baptized as the WOLFSHADE, its first album contains 5 long chants able to mix black, doom, death and progressive metal into what they self proclaim dark metal!! Each lyric is a journey into the exotic universe of different pagan cultures. From old DARKTHRONE fans to AGALLOCH fans, everyone will have the head banging and horns up, hailing this dark opus!


Track listing

  1. The Epitaph of a Pagan Paradise
  2. A Thunder that Echoes in Eternity
  3. Black Mirror of an Inner Ocean
  4. The First Dawn of a Venus
  5. Reminiscences of Tomorrow
  6. The Ineffable Fire