Wolok - Caput Mortuum (CD)

Wolok - Caput Mortuum (CD)

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Black void purveyors WOLOK are back with a second full-length album.
Seven fucked-up rhythmics of insanity created by E. (LA DIVISION MENTALE, DEVILISH ERA), L. (ZARACH BAAL THARAGH) & C. (LA DIVISION MENTALE).
Be prepared for some fuckin' damage to your health.


Track listing

  1. Bacterium Dei
  2. In Vacuo
  3. Transubs(a)tantiation
  4. Anawyrm
  5. Repellence Serum
  6. Necro Priapus Worship
  7. Incision


Fans of Blut Aus Nord's dissonant duo MoRT and Odinist especially should hear this, as it's more focused and just as bonkers. - 4/5