Wolvserpent - Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed (Digipak 2CD)

Wolvserpent - Gathering Strengths / Blood Seed (Digipak 2CD)

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This 2CD reissue collects both the Gathering Strengths (Olde English Spelling Bee) and Blood Seed (20 Buck Spin) limited edition vinyl releases in a single compendium, presented with new imagery from the band and remastered by Mell Dettmer for this format. This double disc set showcases the band's current incarnation (after changing their name from PUSSYGUTT), bringing together both the crepuscular doomed folk and primal, blackened sludge rituals that comprise their sound.


Track listing

  1. Silence Within
  2. Spirit Walker
  3. Wolv
  4. Serpent