Womb - Issue 3 (Zine)

Womb - Issue 3 (Zine)

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The third offering from the motherly womb of all the angelic and daemonic beings and creations ever created within this existence; the semen was sown in order to conceive something that rises the men from pure mediocrity to fulfill the Will of a True Man - in this context, we devote ourselves on the altar of Black Art, so bow deep down & rejoice with us in Death!

Funerary Bell (FIN)
Panphage (SE)
Nastrond (SE)
Vogelsang (GER)
Mahlkebre (FRA)
Jumalhamara (FIN)
Blood Red Fog (FIN)
"The Equilibrium Manifesto" - essay (originally published in '97, written by T. Koelling)