Wormsblood - Mastery of Creation Demos (CD)

Wormsblood - Mastery of Creation Demos (CD)

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A collection of demo recordings from US project WORMSBLOOD:
Bound Beaten Demos (2008)
Odal Demos (2006)
The Grave Hill Demos (2004).


Track listing

  1. Fragments of the Witch
  2. Hollow Cost Nothing
  3. The First Dim Shinings (of Those About to Awaken)
  4. Sig Bind
  5. Good Night
  6. A Wolf in the Night
  7. Obsessed by the Bloodstone (Intro)
  8. Through the Veil of Birth
  9. Of a Mourning Phase Unstirred
  10. On a Burial of Unsilent Night Soil