Worship - Terranean Wake (CD)

Worship - Terranean Wake (CD)

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The German doom cult is back! 5 years passed since the release of their last album "Dooom" which The Doommonger created using the remnants of Mad Max (RIP, 2001). Extremely slow rhythm and combination of majestic heavy riffs and long tone dismal guitar melodies. Growling vocals with 3 languages, English, German and French. Nothing changed but everything has improved, a Doom album which represents the melancholy and depression of human being on the earth.


Track listing

  1. Terranean Wake I - Tide of Terminus
  2. Terranean Wake II - The Second Coming Apart
  3. Terranean Wake III - Fear is My Temple
  4. Terranean Wake IV - End of an Aeviturne


I'm not recommending this album to the masses, because I really think only few and select could appreciate the substance and non-musicality that come with the emotional burden it contains and emanates. Try it and be your own judge. I assure you though, Worship's music isn't like anything you have ever heard before; it's not yet another cliche-ridden funeral doom; it's the definition of funeral doom yet it stands in its own solitary, dark cubicle amidst the style, but in reality it is removed so much from everything you know about slow, crushing funereal metal, that it is safe to say Worship have invented their own style, polarized from everything out there. - 5/5