Wraiths - Oriflamme (LP)

Wraiths - Oriflamme (LP)

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Scottish droning noise, Oriflamme was the first work by WRAITHS and originally released on CDr in very limited quantities.
Black wax, black inner sleeve, textured board used for outer sleeve. Still very limited, this time to 500!

Transcribed directly from the C60 tape used in the original recording, this vinyl version of WRAITHS' Orflamme is a black monolith of utterly corrupted, pre-industrial plague-noise. Unsanitised, unsterilised and unhallowed - this is Oriflamme how it was meant to be heard with tape fluctuations, collapsing band members and malfunctioning equipment intact.


Track listing

  1. Oriflamme Part I
  2. Oriflamme Part II