Wyrd - Huldrafolk (Cassette)

Wyrd - Huldrafolk (Cassette)

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A noble ancient folk, relic from the days of olde. These hearts burns with hate, these eyes cry from shame.

Masters of Heathen Black Metal!! Lyrics deal with old folklore and nordic mythology. Music matches this perfectly with lots of folk influence but remaining a black metal album with harsh vocals and raw guitars. Very strong atmospheres of the old lands. Sombre, hateful, melancholic and thrashing!! Bonus track is "Pimeyteen" from 2006, also included on the vinyl version. Finnish Heathen Metal (previously Hellkult), a project of Narqath (AZAGHAL, VULTYR).


Track listing

  1. Ashes of Man and Oak and Pine
  2. Aijeke
  3. Pale Forest
  4. Huldrafolk
  5. Misanthrope's Masterplan
  6. The Harvest Day