Wyrdlander - I (Black Edition) (Cassette)

Wyrdlander - I (Black Edition) (Cassette)

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Born in 1970, David Thiérrée works since 1989 as a dark fantasy illustrator, mostly for extreme musics including cover art for albums by BEHEMOTH, CELESTIA, LORD WIND, MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, MOONCITADEL, MORTIIS, MUTIILATION, SATANIC WARMASTER, VLAD TEPES, WARLOGHE.

"WYRDLANDER is an attempt to create sound collages and audible landscapes linked to my artworks. I tried to imagine how my illustrations would sound, and express what's inside my head while I'm working on them. Creatures, deep forests, underworld realms, and a bit of magic and unsafe travel. I hope that, while listening to these sounds, you'll be able to create your own worlds and images."

Black cassette edition, professionally duplicated and printed, 5 pannel double


Track listing

  1. Hidden Paths
  2. Subterranea
  3. The Journey
  4. Trolldom
  5. Slumptroll
  6. The Spell