Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow (CD) Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow (CD)

Xasthur - Portal of Sorrow (CD)

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Formed 1995 in Alhambra, California, United States

"...I wanted to end on a better note with this Portal of Sorrow album because the album that came before it, All reflections drained, was not up to par and I couldn't finish up with an album that I was less than satisfied with. Now, I suppose any or all goals have been reached and there is nothing more I wish to try with Xasthur and it's time to move on..."

The lineup for this recording:
Scott - all instruments, vocals, lyrics, music
Marissa Nadler - choir, vocal flashbacks, vocal instrumentation
Pete Traux - 2 guitar solos

Portal of Sorrow is the final Xasthur album, the project which began in 1996 has concluded.


Track listing

  1. Portal of Sorrow
  2. Broken Glass Christening
  3. Shrine of Failure
  4. Stream of Subconsciousness
  5. Karma/Death
  6. Horizon of Plastic Caskets
  7. Mesmerized by Misery
  8. This Abyss Holds the Mirror
  9. Mourning Tomorrow
  10. Miscarriage of the Soul
  11. Obeyer's of Their Own Deaths
  12. Released from This Earth
  13. The Darkest Light
  14. Hiver de Glace