Xysma - No Place Like Alone (Digipak CD) Xysma - No Place Like Alone (Digipak CD)

Xysma - No Place Like Alone (Digipak CD)

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Since the late 1980's when a new form of metal started to emerge from the ashes of the speed and thrash metal movement, XYSMA were there making a racket. They've gone a long way from the pus-oozing grindcore of Swarming Of The Maggots (1989) to the death rolling groove of Deluxe and Lotto a few years later, becoming an internationally revered cult band over the years. Recently the band thought it best to end a 25 year sabbatical and announced that there's a new album in the works.
XYSMA's sound has varied greatly from album to album, and No Place Like Alone is no exception to that golden rule. In addition to straightforward hard rocking numbers the record has its share of heavier moments but surprising elements abound as well.


Track listing

  1. Well Seasoning
  2. Model 670
  3. Midnight Call
  4. Mr. Fulltrade
  5. Final Episode
  6. Earthrise
  7. Rowdy Barrel
  8. Sigh for Sore Mind
  9. Moose & Gutbucket
  10. Encounter at Dawn