Zaimph - Sexual Infinity (CD)

Zaimph - Sexual Infinity (CD)

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Project of Marcia Bassett (HOTOTOGISU, DOUBLE LEOPARDS, GHQ).
Sexual infinty stands refreshingly organized into six escalating pieces of her signature guitar, voice, and electronic moodscapes entrancing the listener with sinister seduction. comparisons to early 80s power electronics and industrial acts as uncommunity, mauthausen orchestra and ramleh reside in the underbelly of zaimphs ability to generate ominous, gritty, and doom laden atmosphere cloaked in a thick lush drone. what begins with raw ethereal guitar shadows of longing delight closes with vital gripping electronic tension.


Track listing

  1. Neither Knoweth
  2. Signal Aggression
  3. Lamination
  4. The Mutterings Of Life
  5. Isolation In Ecstasy
  6. Double Infinity