Zelfhaat - Van jammerklacht en wanhoopsgeschrei (CD)

Zelfhaat - Van jammerklacht en wanhoopsgeschrei (CD)

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Suicidal black metal from the Netherlands. This release marked the beginning of the band ZELFHAAT. The band released this album in limited tape format in 2007, but the this edition is now long sold-out. This album features 7 tracks, with Dutch lyrics showing the bands self-hatred and total despise for human life. Band members are also involved in projects like HELL ICON, FUNERAL GOAT and ABYSMAL DARKENING.


Track listing

  1. Introspectie
  2. Altijd lijden
  3. Beklagenswaardig bestaan
  4. Dodenakker
  5. Levensverachting
  6. Zielepijn
  7. Vaarwel