Zombi - Escape Velocity (Digipak CD)

Zombi - Escape Velocity (Digipak CD)

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Mentioned as a modern influence by HATEFUL ABANDON.

Escape Velocity sees ZOMBI return to their roots, using synth, and drums to create stirring melodies and moving cadences. Whereas earlier efforts found the band entrenched in Italian horror scores, Escape Velocity finds Zombi continuing their exploration of famed Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder and legendary Kraut Rock icons Neu and Harmonia. The sweeping synth sequences and pulsing rhythms are sometimes dancey, sometimes reflective, but always hypnotic under the watchful eye of this distinguished duo. Escape Velocity's five ethereal tracks are simply put, celestial music for other worlds.


Track listing

  1. Escape Velocity
  2. Slow Oscillations
  3. Shrunken Heads
  4. DE3
  5. Time of Troubles


The five new compositions occupy a ledge on an unmapped precipice that overlooks territory familiar yet turbulent and strange. The synthetic palette is grander than ever and free of sonic dribblings and other ephemera of the sort that marred electronic albums in the late '80s and early '90s. The crisp sequences signal the past triumphs of Tangerine Dream, Moroder, Klaus Schulze, and Robert Schroeder. The absence of Moore's bass guitar is conspicuous but not unwarranted; his DSI, Moog and Prophet synths provide the kind of low end that sends ripples across the Atlantic. - 5/5