Zombiefication - At the Caves of Eternal (Digipak CD)

Zombiefication - At the Caves of Eternal (Digipak CD)

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Hideous, verminous and even more sinisterly darker than ever, the soulless undead ZOMBIEFICATION have returned to spread the infestation with the band's follow-up effort "At The Caves Of Eternal"!

Incised and drained into nine disquieting tracks, "At The Caves Of Eternal" is a clear exemplification of the band emerging and finally shaping into their very own evocative attributes of a classic ZOMBIEFICATION trademark; bone-chilling melodies and slabs of death / doom fretwork so rancid that the contrasting union is instantly recognizable.


Track listing

  1. At the Caves of Eternal
  2. Disembodied Souls
  3. Soul Collector
  4. In the Mist
  5. Passage of Darkness
  6. In the Gallery of Laments
  7. The Crypt
  8. In the Shadowed Garden
  9. Slaves Whisper Your Name


The band certainly knows how to pummel out Death Metal foundations too owing a great deal to bands like ENTOMBED. Groovy riffs lace the landscape along with some pretty brutal, yet diverse, drumming that keep the structures grounded within the atmospheric touches like on the energetic "In The Mist." ZOMBIEFICATION even touches on some Black Metal aesthetics with tremolo picking at times that bridge into the atmosphere. These Mexican Death Metallers crunch when they want to and it flows in and out of the atmosphere brilliantly. - 5/5