Zounds - The Curse of Zounds Discography (CD)

Zounds - The Curse of Zounds Discography (CD)

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Similar ZOUNDS compilations were released a few times in the 90s, usually as The Curse of Zounds & Singles. This CD includes everything those collects had plus the 2001 "Alone". All tracks, except Alone, were re-mastered (or mastered for the first time!) by Steve Lake in 2007 at Ideal Studios, London.

Contains all their songs, previously released on:
Can't Cheat Karma, EP Crass, 1980
War, EP Crass, 1980
Subvert, EP Crass, 1980
Demystification, EP Rough Trade, 1981
Great White Hunter, EP Rough Trade, 1981
The Curse of Zounds, LP Rough Trade, 1981
Dancing, EP Rough Trade, 1982
True Love, EP Rough Trade, 1982
More Trouble Coming Every Day, EP Rough Trade, 1982
Knife, EP Rough Trade, 1982
La Vache Qui Rit, EP Not So Brave, 1983
Alone, EP, 2001


Track listing

  1. War
  2. Subvert
  3. Can't Cheat Karma
  4. Demystification
  5. Great White Hunter
  6. Fear
  7. Did He Jump Or Was He Pushed / The Unfree Child / My Mummy's Gone
  8. Little Bit More
  9. This Land
  10. New Band
  11. Dirty Squatters
  12. Loads Of Noise
  13. Target
  14. Mr Disney
  15. Dancing
  16. True Love
  17. More Trouble Coming Everyday
  18. Knife
  19. Biafra
  20. Not Me
  21. Fear (Live)
  22. Wolves (Live)
  23. Alone


Why this album isn't regarded as an essential is beyond me. If it were up to me, Zounds would be the definitive anarcho band and The Curse Of Zounds a punk classic. No matter who you are, whatever you listen to, The Curse Of Zounds will speak to you in some way. It may make you cry, it may make you hate everyone, but it will effect you. Punk doesn't get much better than this. - 5/5