Zyklon-B - Blood Must Be Shed (2008 Reissue) (LP)

Zyklon-B - Blood Must Be Shed (2008 Reissue) (LP)

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Zyklon-B was a project band that was started in Norway back in 1994 with several members of other known Norwegian black metal acts. The result of this short-lived collaboration was the 11-minute long MCD Blood Must Be Shed. It was hastily produced, under simple conditions, and in a very spontaneous manner. The music was labelled as black metal, death metal, mass-murder metal, etc. Basically, it's metal in its most raw and pure aggressive form. With sound samples of various sub-cultural figures and religious-fanatics from around the globe, and a number of dismal and sinister keyboard ambiences, it creates a certain atmosphere that enhances the pure metallic aggression. Originally released by the now-defunct Malicious Records and has been out of print on vinyl for many years. The project generated some controversy due to its extreme name, but as the original release states, this project never held any form of political or racial attitude, nor sympathy for any kind of doctrine. It was merely a statement of the extreme! It was simply aggression against the downfall and general stupidity of humanity, and the loss off decency and values in the modern man.


Track listing

  1. Mental Orgasm
  2. Bloodsoil
  3. Warfare
  4. Total Warfare (Sea Serpent Remix)