Zyklon - Storm Detonation Live (DVD)

Zyklon - Storm Detonation Live (DVD)

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Their name has quickly risen to the top of extreme metal's elite list. Surely having former members of EMPEROR within their ranks has helped, but what has really set Norway's ZYKLON apart is their musical precision, speed, lyrical direction and quality songmanship. Recorded live at Germany's Party San Festival 2004, Storm Detonation Live captures this foursome at their best - live on stage. The DVD also includes the band's two promotional videos for Psyklon Aeon and Core Solution. The band's two previous albums, World Ov Worms (2001) and Aeon (2003) were both met with critical acclaim and solid worldwide sales. The release of Storm Detonation Live precedes the release of the band's third album, scheduled for release in early 2006.


Track listing

  1. Psyklon Aeon (Music Video)
  2. Core Solution (Music Video)
  3. Core Solution (Live)
  4. Worm World (Live)
  5. Subtle Manipulation (Live)
  6. Transcendental War (Live)
  7. Psyklon Aeon (Live)
  8. Two Thousand Years (Live)
  9. Deduced to Overkill (Live)
  10. The Prophetic Method (Live)
  11. Hammer Revelation (Live)