23 Years Ago: GRAND BELIAL'S KEY release Triumph of the Hordes

Daily Noise - / 2017

23 Years Ago: GRAND BELIAL'S KEY release Triumph of the Hordes

Released on tape by Pagan Records on this day in 1994, the second GRAND BELIAL'S KEY demo. Recorded at The Dungeon in Arlington, Virginia.

"In Rapture by the Fenrir Moon" was re-recorded for the debut album, "Sleeping Princes of the Arges" was forgotten; and while "When Darkness Rears Itself a Throne" was never re-recorded you can definitely hear some riffs which made their way, whether directly or indirectly, onto future GBK (and possibly ARGHOSLENT) songs.

This was the second and last demo with Bestial Luciferian (later of ANCIENT and THOKK) who was replaced by Cazz (Black Lourde of Crucifixion - CRUCIFER) for the Witness to the Regicide EP and early albums.

There is a lot of acrimony about this period of the band history, as you can see in the interview below, but GBK's demos are still important pieces of US black metal history.

NO, I'm not fond of this release at all. This showed Lord Homo's true ways and his hidden desires to be a fucking poser. The lyrics hinted at some vampire shit and the whole idea of being mistaken for a fucking gothic vampire Nordic black metal band sickens me to this day. Yeah, I'm totally sick of talking about it, GBK has been a force since 1996 since I recruited The Black Lourde of Crucifixion to sit on Belial's throne and do justice to our band. We have no ties to that queer from ANCIENT, or his little followers. I detest any fantasy, I don't believe in ghosts, and I'm not a fucking hypocrite. I don't accept the existence of that bastard GOD and I don't believe in the divinities of his supposed son JESUS CHRIST, why would I believe in witches and devils? The second demo was not entirely written by me. Not only that, but the sound was awful, and Lord Fag inserted this slut's voice over one of the songs without our approval. He was fascinated with this image. He is a lonely person with a trapped desire to be someone special, he needed the feedback from the underground to boost his ego and develop a little embryo of a personality.

Gelal / Grand Belial's Key interview, Dark Moon #7