24 Years Ago: GRAND BELIAL'S KEY live in Manassas, VA

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24 Years Ago: GRAND BELIAL'S KEY live in Manassas, VA

Yes, the band still consists of only two members. I would prefer to have a full band; but unfortunately, "true people" who can play dark and original riffs are extremely hard to find. We have played live with two session musicians once. Of course, a good stage show is necessary for true black metal.

Bestial Luciferian (Lord Vlad) / Grand Belial's Key interview, Exhume #4, 1993

GRAND BELIAL'S KEY live on this day in 1993. Recorded in the years between the first and second demo at Benders / The Cave, Manassas, Virginia.

To the actual scene back in 1992 it seemed as if Lord Vlad was the sole creator and mastermind behind G.B.K. The truth is that he was in charge of handling the mail, and spreading the music. At the time, I was invited to join this band as a lead guitarist (as a sixth member according to Lord Fag). When I arrived at the rehearsal, I was the only person there. Everyone else had abandoned him before the band's inception. I look it up on myself to take everyone else's role. The reason for my distant role in the scene's eyes was simple. I was studying at the university, had a full-time job, and was working in Simistrary magazine. It was impossible for me to dedicate any time to correspondence or copying demos. Besides, he could do his half of the job by at least dealing with all the scene bullshit. He did not go to school nor did he work, and had no social life (this means the only pussy he had was in his war name!!!). Demonic joined the band as he convinced me re-join G.B.K., since I had quit shortly after our first gig (note: this gig was played with Kommando of Arghoslent on bass - Kommando quit after the first gig as he completely hated Lord Fag). I had no intention on continuing with that band, especially with Lord Fag's ego growing bigger and bigger everyday as letters of support from the underground crowded our mailbox. Demonic and I decided to rejoin but to steer the ship in the direction we found it fit.

Gelal Necrosodomy / Grand Belial's Key interview, Psychopathological, 2004

Personally, I don't think that the black metal trend will catch on in the U.S. as it has in Europe. There are still too many people in the U.S. scene who are offended or put off by Satanic lyrics and the black metal image. I suppose that Europe is cooler about black metal because there aren't as many God-fearing, Christian dickheads over there. I guess that most of the kids over there are mostly atheists or Satanists. Yes, I have problems with my image. Every other show that I go to, some Christian poser tries to start shit with me for wearing inverted crosses. Those fucking idiots should die like that Nazarene hanging from their necks. I fucking hate these people.

Bestial Luciferian / Grand Belial's Key interview, Exhume #4, 1993