31 Years Ago: XYSMA record Swarming of the Maggots

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31 Years Ago: XYSMA record Swarming of the Maggots

I didn't know it was a "gore core classic"... but it's nice to know. We didn't expect to become this famous...
...fortunately we didn't advertise it a whole lot. You see, it's not very funny to tape those demos and send them out.

Janitor / Xysma interview, Isten #5, 1990

XYSMA recorded their first official demo, Swarming of the Maggots, on this day in 1989.

All mail has been positive and that is great. I hope that someone like us after we've done that mini-LP.

Janitor / Xysma interview, 1990

...we sent it to Earache and Peaceville Records and Dig from Earache liked it. Bill (Carcass) heard it and says that he is gonna put out an LP for us on his label (Necrosis) but this is only a rumor.

Janitor / Xysma interview, Uni-Force #7, 1990

What a sick disgustingly wonderfully brutal piece of grinding doom, death and destruction ! XYSMA play non-stop violent attacks on your inner ear canals ! This is totally sick-demented-ultra-speed-madness. The production is OK but in my opinion the guitar could have been much louder. The vocal effects on this tape are taken one step further than anything I've ever heard ! What a bunch of perverted CARCASS worshippers. Listening to this tape is like drinking nuclear gore ! Deadly, intense, hot, etc. This demo would go well with a church sermon ! To sum up, try to obtain the XYSMA demo for guarranteed repeated listening entertainment. (Dave: write to the address in the XYSMA interview. Dunno the price!!)

Fanzine review by Pat (EXIT-13)