39 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD release The Golden Years EP

Daily Noise - / 2019

39 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD release The Golden Years EP

In the midst of our travels, Bronze put out an EP of four tracks ('Leaving Here', 'Stone Dead Forever', 'Dead Men Tel No Tales', and 'Too Late Too Late'), recorded live while we were gigging. As a joke I told the label to call it The Golden Years - turned out they were our golden years (I think I sort of knew, really). The songs were pretty badly recorded, but the record got in the charts.

Lemmy, White Line Fever, 2002

MOTORHEAD released The Golden Years EP on this day in 1980 through Bronze Records. Recorded at some point during the 1979 Bomber tour.

In the Netherlands Bronze decided to called it Lochem Pop. A confusing title thirty years later because the recording was not from Lochem or the Pop Festival in May, 1980. Bronze released it in advance to promote MOTORHEAD's appearance at the festival.

The EP made it into the charts but was never played on the radio due to the audio quality. A week before release the band appeared on Top of the Pops to promote the record, watch here: 37 Years Ago: MOTORHEAD on TOTP (Leaving Here).