2 Albums Influenced by Rural Folklore and Witchcraft: MALOKARPATAN & LAIR

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2 Albums Influenced by Rural Folklore and Witchcraft: MALOKARPATAN & LAIR

Both of these bands could be considered 'folk' metal. This music comes from the soil and soul of Slovakia and Ukraine. Both are inspired by native rural culture and the superstitions and lore passed down generations through stories, art and music. Both play raw metal - MALOKARPATAN with more heavy metal, LAIR with more punk.

MALOKARPATAN - Stridzie dni

This band began life as an outlet for REMMIRATH members to produce something steeped in old school metal. It's unsurprising though, coming from those same minds, that this is anything but a pastiche of well-trodden riffs. The influences are never far - VENOM (brilliantly on O Vine...), MOTORHEAD, BATHORY, MASTER'S HAMMER (Popolvár...). These guys haven't made a one-dimensional record for years, and this new band continues to showcase their originality and skill. Old school metal influenced by legends played by endlessly talented lunatics!

LAIR - Black Moldy Brew

This album improves with every listen! On the influence from folklore - it's there, but not overt. Vocals are impenetrable, lyrics withheld; visually it only hints and there's no contact or information about the band available publicly. Only brief film samples directly reference the themes. Raw black metal reminiscent of the stripped down punk influenced sound of ILDJARN with strong bass throughout and vocals that wail with similar insanity to early TODESSTOß. While songs are immediately simple and attacking, there is a lot here that you really begin to appreciate on repeat listens. Recommended!