Liner notes: Novus Ordo - At the End of the New Times

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Liner notes: Novus Ordo - At the End of the New Times

Written by: Bestia777

  1. Hados and Destinies

    The beginning and the end of all creation was once destined by the ancients, who stipulated the End in orbital paths in times before the time when the originals created our destiny, so the destiny of our journey is the eternal sentence where the stars spread the dead of our era.

  2. When Horns Call to the Battle

    In times of ancient battles, where the winds whisper death and vengeance, the stars are the guide in the warrior's way, where they will always give war where life and lights exist, when horns call the great battle.

  3. At the End of the New Times

    Omens of cosmical revelation, false prophets, fake idolism and religions, in a time of total darkness, when occultist lodges reclaim the crowning of the unique being in the time of Aquarian. This are the apocalyptic revelations that summon chaotic visions in a new awakening, in the end of new times... in times of the new order.

  4. Visions of the New Eon

    In the last Era, when the empires will fall in total obscurity, when solar death burst in the skies and celestial chaos starts the beginning of the new cycle, in limitless ages, when only one will rule, this are the subterranean tales of the times of the new Aeon.

  5. Hibernus

    Frozen places, desolated bye coldness and death, tell the polar times of demigods on Earth, colossal revelations in the cold southern hemisphere point out the sacred link of the world of ancient aryan, who began the descent to the mental interior of the Earth, the ancient land of Agartha.

  6. Gathered in the Vision of the Black Sun

    Moments of a great celestial war, the infinite battle against the Demiurge, they are episodes that sign the chaotic memories when the Vril spirit and power are the ancient weapons, unique secrets in the way of victory towards the Eternal return.

  7. In the Trance of the Green Path and the Other Light

    Tales of stellar passages where once white giants existed, now forgotten, lost territories narrated by the traveler, the one who left the human side and now he's aware of stellar gates out of the nothingness, beyond the green light, in the glacial abyss.

  8. At the Gates of the Blazing Sudpolar Circle

    Between concentric circles under the uncreated light, this atmosphere is created under total darkness, to the cosmic journey between the stars, full of secrets and forgotten blasphemies, that burst in infinite constellations under the glory of the Black Sun.

  9. When Ignorance Becomes Faith

    In times when hundreds of religions exist, century by century of blood under the cross, it stares at a society full of lies and rotten believes for skeptics believers, where their ignorance become faith.