Proud Nation, Kargeras Parts I and II Available: 1996 Making of Video

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Proud Nation, Kargeras Parts I and II Available: 1996 Making of Video

Once a nation called KÄRGERÄS lived somewhere on this Earth. It was really long ago, long ago before the race of people who unjustly called themselves "Homo Sapiens" settled the Earth. At that time, our story took place. The story that did not end up happily though, but in spite of this fact it is mysteriously fair...

ROOT recently released Kärgeräs: Return from Oblivion, the follow-up to their 1996 album Kärgeräs.

Kärgeräs is a fantasy world created by Big Boss: "It only lives in my mind, the awesomely sad recollection of the cruel fate of my beloved, proud nation".

The original album was released between The Temple in the Underworld and the killer 1999 album The Book.

Part II of this story has been planned for years and is the first new material since Heritage of Satan in 2011.

In later interviews it's clear the recording of Kärgeräs in 1996 was a turbulent time:

Igor Hubik: The worst season of Root's career. Boss stopped the communication with Blackie, they were fighting between each other, drinking many alco bottles. Nevertheless they recorded great CD. I love these lyrics the most - like the set, you know. Also the music is a little bit fresher than on other CDs because the music was written along with the lyrics. It corresponds very well I think.

Big Boss: This was very bad times for Root... We have been on the edge of breakdown and our relationships was on the freezing-point....I don't like memories on this time of our existence...sorry.

Watch the "Making of" videos from 1996: