Basilisk - A Joyless March Through the Cold-Lands (LP)

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NOTE!! These are the very last copies direct from the label, they have been in storage for several years. Please expect damage to the sleeve (wear and dents), the records inside are new and unplayed.

Vinyl edition of the great debut from BASILISK!!! Limited to an undisclosed number.

Marking a certain progression from the demos to this full-length, A Joyless March... is the current testament of Basilisk, a fragment of Black Metal purity and clarity. This album is the epitome of all the dedication placed in Basilisk up-to this point. We will move onto the future, but for these moments of our existence, this is ALL.

Recorded using the same equipment as previous demos, the production of this album is not extremely different to those previous releases. However, the impression it leaves upon you reveals itself far clearer than any past recording.

The two guitar tracks oppose and combine expertly bringing united force within the realms of utter chaos. The purposeful placing of the two tracks in separate speakers means headphones will present a different (more rewarding) listen - this is true with every Basilisk release.
Each of the seven recordings have clearly defined melody as the base - each unique, and always memorable. In fact the more you absorb the melodies, each return-listen presents revised enthusiasm.
Vocals, the most prominent "human" face of Basilisk are, as we now expect, intensely extracted, more so now than ever. They possess a power managing to damage even the invocator, and the reverb means the initial bite will tear away at your flesh. Harsh screams of spite, pain and possession resonate through guitar columns, filling the air with His breath.

If Blackened Royalty was the "Norwegian" Basilisk and Vintyrhell the "French"...A Joyless March... becomes the incestuous kin of the two, bringing together the more melodic with the more aggressive and 'traditional'. Still easily identified as a "Basilisk Recording", this album manages to move the Basilisk legacy from impressing, to truly captivating; leaving you with no doubt how important IT IS.


Track listing

  1. Deep in the Dark Where I Lay in Wait
  2. The Force Inside the Opposites
  3. Bitter
  4. Assault of Vermin
  5. Heinous Energies (A Legion of Hushed Voices)
  6. Open the Grave
  7. The Awakening of Him


Sounding very much like a cross between Leviathan (US) and Draugar whilst managing to maintain their own unique edge, Basilisk are truer than true, with buzzing guitars speedily creating atmosphere with haunting evil melodies, harrowing echoing vocals and clattering lowly mixed drums - absolutely no synths, technical death metal flourishes or lovely ethereal sections to be found here. Or bass for that matter. It is the vocals that really set the band apart for me, with a croaking grim unintelligible tone topped with a heavy slapback delay, sounding amazing over the minor key guitar chord arrangements, being equally hateful as they are evil, creating a wicked and claustrophobic feel to the album. - 4/5