Pazuzu - Revenant of Blasphemies (2020 Reissue) (CD)

Pazuzu - Revenant of Blasphemies (2020 Reissue) (CD)

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Coming from the scorching land of Costa Rica and influenced by the movie with the same name and also by bands such as CIANIDE, WINTER, DECOMPOSED and I'd even dare to say NUNSLAUGHTER, the doom death metal band PAZUZU present for the very first time their 2017 debut demo Revenant of Blasphemies on vinyl and CD. Originally released on limited edition tape and cd by Psychogrind records, this obscure recording immerses the avid listener into the corridors of stench, decay and the uselessness of the Christian dogma and shows the imminent fate of the bastard manking at the hands of a failed God and the welcoming of Death as the only possible fate to come... Mastered and refurbished in 2019 by Dan Lowndes at Resonance Studio for an enhanced audio experience, this demo is a Tour de Force through the corridors of the asphyxiating and claustrophobic atmospheres of doom metal but well balanced with the dynamics and minimalism of Archaic and rhythmic Death Metal. Three songs plus intro and outro which set the pace for the doom that is to come.


Track listing

  1. Revenant...
  2. Trascending the Emanating Filth from the Fathers of the Christian Church
  3. The Splendour of His Holiness
  4. The Fallacy of the Cursed Empire
  5. ...of Blasphemies