Sons of a Wanted Man - Black Days Black Dust (CD)

Sons of a Wanted Man - Black Days Black Dust (CD)

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Belgian woe-bearers SONS OF A WANTED MAN conjures up a fleeting EP of crestfallen and burdened soundscape with Black Days Black Dust. Comprising of just four tracks, Black Days Black Dust immediately brings the listener to an erosive-like blaster that progressively ebbs into a boundless sense of forlorn with such ease. Tranquil moments are evident within the chaotic nature surrounding SONS OF A WANTED MAN's abstruse trait and Black Days Black Dust has without doubt exuded a certain alluring derangement in this sub-genre of endless developmental musicality.


Track listing

  1. Dodenleer
  2. Meander
  3. Thou Art Spiritless
  4. Black Days Black Dust