Slovakian black metal update: Nevaloth, Karpathia & Korium

Four new additions of black metal / pagan metal from Slovakia.

Karpathia - Urheimat: Volanie Havranov (CD)

The only album by KARPATHIA. The band split in 2013. Pagan black metal. Members are now active in bands such as CONCUBIA NOCTE, AEON WINDS and NECROHERESY.

Nevaloth - The Antagonist (Digipak CD)

The final album by NEVALOTH who split last year.

Nevaloth - La Diabolica Commedia (CD)

Their debut album.

Korium - Spoor of the Wolf (Retrospective Collection 2003-2013) (2CD)

A collection of demo, split and rare material spanning the first decade.