Japanese black metal update: ARKHA SVA, AVSOLUTIZED & AHPDEGMA

Time has come, once again the earth rots down and the heaven burns
Here is the new order of destruction and reincarnation

Today we have updated the distro with releases from hordes that gather under the Sigil of A:A:A:A

ARKHA SVA - artist page

Those whom you are facing originate from Satan's Blood Relation.
Those whom you are facing represent the Words of Satan.
Those whom you are facing consist of the Legions' successors.
Taste the Black Plague spread over Them, the mass-purification is near.
What Those whom you are facing empitomize is The LAW.

Recently added:
Donusdogama: En accrochant le mendiant qui tomba du trone de Dieu
Gloria Satanae
Mikama Isaro Mada
Odo Kikale Qaa (U-I-V)
Arkha Sva - Odo Kikale Qaa (VI-VI-LV)

AVSOLUTIZED . . . - artist page

You now see the world through the eyes of immortality.
You stand as your own and the only god that is.
You reign over your own blessed kingdom.
You are one of the divine, avsolutized existences that are chosen.
You now see all the rest just bow down before you...

Recently added:
Mot din svarta angest

AHPDEGMA - artist page

Recently added:
Despite All Your Pain

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